Thursday, February 2, 2012

Better than a Barista's iced coffee.

I have an expensive addiction to coffee. Recently I began playing around with making iced coffee, lattes and all kinds of caffeine laced goodies. The fallowing is way better than most iced coffee I have spent 6.00+ on.  You can play around with the syrups and coffee amounts according to how strong you want it.  I am using Nescafe because I like super strong coffee

4 tsp Nescafe or 1 cup strong chilled coffee.
2.5 tsp sugar
3stp flavored syrup ( in the coffee isle of most stores )
1/4 cup half and half.

Mix everything together until the Nescafe is dissolved and pour in an ice packed cup, top with milk and stir.

I don't recommend using the flavored creamers in the iced coffee, I use it in my hot coffee but for some reason it has a "cold fatty" taste to it in iced coffee. Stick to the syrups! There are lots of flavors to play with too, I got a coconut from Sam's and I love it! It docent have that over powered fake coconut taste, it's just right.


  1. This looks awesome! Nescafe always reminds me of my late granny, it was her favourite coffee! Am following you on Google Connect now. See you soon! www.