Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fried rice for my SIL Naglaa

Yes, I know... not Egyptian... or Arab food but I promised to pass on my fried rice secrets to her and this way it is on the net any time she may need it.

3 cups cooked basmati rice cooled in the refrigerator ( very important that the rice is cold )
1 cup frozen diced carrot green pea mix
1 yellow onion
3 spoons full of vegetable or corn oil
1 maggy chicken cube dissolved in a few spoons of hot water
Soy sauce to taste
Garlic to taste

First dice the onion to medium pieces and fry in oil until they are light brown. Put the stove on medium heat  and add the rice to the pan and let it sit, don't sir it right away, push it down a bit and wait 2 minutes.
with a large spoon turn the rice over in the pan and let it set again 2 min, do this a few more times until your rice is starting to brown just a tiny bit.
Next add the carrots and pea mix, the maggy chicken cube, garlic and  the soy sauce.
mix everything up and cover the pan, turn the stove to low and let it cook 3-4 min or until the peas and carrots have warmed.

Perfect fried rice!

A little bit more then Egyptian....

So some of my Egyptian family, who I was lucky enough to see during my recent visit to Egypt for Ramadan want some of my recipes  and they obviously don't need the Arab foods, so I am going to add some of my American, Asian and Mexican recipes and branch out a tad. Hope you all enjoy!