Monday, November 1, 2010

I MADE CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it rocked if I may add.

I was surprised by how easy it was to make. Here it goes,You need.....

3 cups or so of whole milk
4- 5 table spoons of white vinegar 
Salt and seas to taste.
and that's all..... totally..... nothing more. Amazing yes I know.
 A colander and some cheese cloth.

How to make some of the best fresh cheese in the world.

In a large heavy pot mix in the milk and cream.  Very slowly bring the milk almost to a boil. It may take 30 min. to do so. Don't rush it. Make a cup of hot tea or coffee, call a friend you haven't chatted with in a while...whatever but don't rush it or it wont work.( make sure you stir the milk to keep it from burning while you chat)
Now once you have the milk almost to a boil, hang up the phone and pour in half of the vinegar, you may only need that if is docent start to thicken up right away add the rest. The curds will separate from the whey in the pot and you will notice a yellow liquid in the pot.......that's the whey. Let the cheese set in the pot and go line the colander with cheese cloth, pour in your cheese and allow it to set for 10 min or so to cool off, you can then add some salt and seasoning to the mix and mush it around with a spoon. Twist the cloth around the cheese and let it set in the frig for 3-4 hrs or over night. I leave the twisted cloth of cheese in the colander on a baking dish to catch the dripping whey. Thats it! Home made fresh yummy Farmers cheese, so easy I can do it. =)
Here is my Youtube video on the final step of farmers cheese.

Variation.... this will make a creamy softer cheese much like ricotta ( it can also be used in place of ricotta) If you want a firmer dried cheese don't add heavy cream and add in a bit more milk.

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