Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Halal in Pensacola, Florida.

We got a Halal meat store!!
If you are Muslim and have ever lived or been in Pensacola, you know how amazing that is!
It's an awesome little store at the corner of Airport & W st. I will link their Facebook page <here>
The store is called "International grocery and Halal meat"
They have a great selection of items,  many Egyptian!
The fresh beef is to die for, tender, flavorful and no more expensive then WinDixie.
The whole chickens are what chicken should be, they aren't pumped full of water and antibiotics, like the meat they are packed with flavor. I roasted one the other day and the broth in the pan was just too good to toss, I saved it for fried rice and OMG! The best rice ever!
Speaking of rice, 10lbs of brown basmati rice for $11!!  You can not find that ANYWHERE in Pensacola for $11.
I have a roast cooking right now and the house is filled with the heavenly scent of fresh, halal beef roasting ( recipe to follow!)
Thank you, International grocery and Halal meat! I'm so glad you have opened and you will have all of my business!
If you are in or near Pensacola, I would definitely recommend giving them a visit.

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  1. I can understand the happiness when din me ones get halal meat store in some non Muslim country.The struggle is really worth every penny. Congratulations for getting the one