Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Graze Box US review.

My interest was sparked by a Facebook post about the Graze box. I've gotten back on the healthy wagon after starting Crossfit and it's been a bit hard to break my old cravings. Homemade granola, bananas, and blanched almonds are pretty damn mundane, so why not give the Graze Box a shot, eh?.... Why not! So I did and I LOVE it.
So for $6 bucks you get 4 packets of snacks..... Let me reiterate that, SNACKS, not meals so don't sign up expecting your going to have the grocery store delivered to your door for $6.   I have read a few reviews complaining about the size and it really irks my nerves, probably because I am a small business owner myself and I understand a little something called "overhead". If you really break it down, it isn't a bad deal at all and it's something new and interesting every week or two weeks depending on what you choose.
You should check them out by clicking HERE! The first box and the 5th box is free, You can use my invite code MEGANE75P and i get a $1 off my next box ( not the reason I wrote the review either, I honestly did enjoy the product)
Hope you love Grazer as much as i do!

Here is  a photo of my well Grazed, Graze box ( There was no way I could wait for a photo when I got home before i busted it open)

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