Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hummus~~ An opening.

I LOVE hummus and it is a staple in out diets. Before my Egyptian hubby came along I didn't care for it much. Don't get me wrong it was okay but..... the store bought stuff just wasn't amazing. We eat it on turkey sandwiches in place of mayo, with kofta and sometimes with a spoon because with good hummus you don't need anything more than that =P

I can still remember my first bite of real hummus, fresh off the plane in Alexandria. Starving for anything that wasn't microwaved. We went to Hosny's just up the road from our flat in Muntaza. Once the appetizers were spread out on our table and warm fresh pita bread was dropped off I dove in and never came back!

I have many hummus recipes but I will start basic and work from there.

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